Q. Who are we?

A. Cedar River Solutions is administered and maintained by North Iowa Agronomy Partners, an Independent agronomy company based out of Janesville, Dysart and Frederika. To learn more about us, you can find us on the web here - or better yet, ask your neighbors. Chances are we’ve helped someone you know implement meaningful conservation on their farm. Our role is to provide planning and technical assistance to farmers and landowners throughout the Middle Cedar. If there’s a project or a practice you’re interested in, we will help you get it funded. The assistance we provide is free to you. Our time is covered by the Middle Cedar Watershed Management Authority and by IDALS.


Q. Who pays for this website?

A. Funding for this outreach effort is provided by the Middle Cedar Watershed Management Authority. This website is intended to tie together all of the various projects in the Middle Cedar and streamline the provision of financial, technical and planning assistance to farmers and landowners. If we can’t help you, we’ll connect you to the project partner who can best serve your needs.


Q. Does Cedar River Solutions hold any public events?

A. Yes. Take a look at our News and Events section for announcements on what’s happening in the Middle Cedar. We hold field days or outreach events at least four times a year. We will also provide links to partner events within the watershed.

Q. as a farmer, can I get a free assessment on rented ground?

A. Yes. You are not required to own the tract in order to get conservation assistance for management practices. Several programs are available that fund cover crops and other conservation practices for a single season. If you have a landlord who is interested in cover crops or other conservation practices, technical and financial assistance for practice installation can help to offset those costs and solidify your long term relationship.

Q. is assistance available for landowners who live out of state or use a land management service?

A. Yes. We work with landowners or land management companies - either in partnership with a tenant or separately. Some practices - such as wetlands, edge-of-field or other structural practices - actually require the involvement of a land owner who values conservation. If a permanent conservation practice or structure is something that you value, we can help make it a reality.